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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Marine Down 1

We begin a new illustrated story.  As they used to say, "Watch this space."

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Marshal Page 18

Page 18
Bradburn stood naked, head bowed, as Jose tied his arms behind his back, securing them at wrists and elbows so that his hands were held well above his waist. He roughly stuffed one of the dirty towels into the Marshal's mouth, pulled a length of rope back between his teeth and tied it tightly behind the cropped bullet head.
"Down over the end of the bed," Jose snapped.
Bradburn glared at him defiantly, head up and legs spread wide, his hard cock jutting out proudly. Jose snapped his head to the right with a backhand then slapped it to the left hard enough to make his ears ring. He grabbed Bradburn by his shoulders and flung him down onto the bed,
"You're going to learn your place, you big-dicked gringo ape."

Bradburn held himself rigid and the only sound was the loud staccato crack of the belt as Jose lashed him with a fierce intensity. The Marshal's silence spurred Jose on to beat him harder and harder and the big rounded buttocks had slowly turned a fiery red before he saw the first small flinch. Then Bradburn began to moan softly and Jose noticed the first small beads of blood appear. Now he was whipping the bleeding ass with all his might as Bradburn moaned through his gag but after the initial flinch he held his body rock steady. Slowly at first a burning urge to fuck the beautiful hairy ass grew until Jose could no longer deny it. Sweating and panting, he threw aside the heavy belt and hooked out his straining cock. With trembling hands, he positioned his glans between the bleeding whipped buttocks then dropped down onto Bradburn's body, driving his cock up into his guts. The Marshal gave a loud grunt and reared up, but Jose forced him back down and shoved his face into the mattress. He was firmly in the saddle. For the first time, Jose had his cock plugged deep into another man's ass and the sensation intoxicated him. He shunted back and forth a few times until his balls were slapping Bradburns's buttocks before he began the fuck of his life. It was harder and more brutal than anything Olhson had dished out and Bradburn was in ecstasy. They were both grunting like rutting elks and running in sweat before he fired his load onto the mattress and heard Jose give a scream of elation and explode.

They sluiced themselves in cold water from the washbasin and Jose got the iodine out again.
"I don't think I'll be able to sit in a saddle again for a month," Bradburn said with a laugh, as he dressed.
"Sure you will, I'll borrow one of mother's cushions," Jose said, not quite hiding the love and admiration he felt for this incredibly tough man.
"That would be really nice, Jose. If you can still walk, how about going over to the saloon for a drink?"
"Sure," Jose replied, understanding Bradburn's need to get on to neutral territory.

"So I've gotta look for a new Deputy," Bradburn said, taking a swig of beer. "How about it?"
"How about what?"
"You Jose, its the obvious thing to do. We can be together all the time and share a bed. Nobody would bat an eyelid."
"I suppose not, I guess its time I left home."
"You'd have to take orders from me but in the bedroom you're the boss. There you can use and abuse
me anyway you like. What do you say?"
"Its a deal," Jose said, sticking out his hand.
Bradburn beamed with delight as he grasped it.
"We can do the swearing-in and paperwork later and I'll have to see old Virgil . But for now...."
Bradburn left the sentence unfinished and turning his back on the bar, shouted,
"Gentlemen, may I have your attention."
When the busy hubbub had stilled, he raised his voice again,
"Gentlemen, I'd like you to meet the new Deputy Marshal of Tyler."
This news was greeted with a burst of applause and there were even a few cheers as Bradburn pinned the bade to Jose's shirt.`
When the congratulations were over and the men had returned to their drinks, Jose said,
"I know I don't give the orders here Sir, but can we finish our drinks and get back to the Jailhouse?"
"Sure, I could do with some rest."
"That's not what I had in mind, far from it."
"You're going to fuck me senseless."
"Yes Sir," Bradburn replied with a smile.

                                                                 The End

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Marshal Page 17

Page 17
"Ohlson won't be coming back," Bradburn yelled," he's on his way to Louisiana." The men greeted this news in shocked silence.
"I shall be sending a telegram to Dayton, who, as sure as hell WILL be coming back." The cowboys began to chatter excitedly and Bradburn saw the fear on most of the faces.
"Listen up..QUIET," he yelled.
When silence had been restored he again raised his voice.
"I've got a proposition for you. We all know what a fire-bellied religious fanatic Dayton is. If I tell him exactly what's been going on here, he'll probably have the lot of you flogged and driven out of the territory. He's rich and powerful enough to do it, and you probably deserve it." Bradburn let this sink in for a few moments before he continued,
"If, on the other hand, you promise to keep your mouths shut, I could tell him that Ohlson just took himself off. Nothing more."
There was then more excited chatter until Bradburn bawled,
"Quiet, that's enough."
When he once more had their attention he said,
"Okay, those in favour of me telling Dayton the whole truth, raise their hands."
The cowboys looked at each other nervously but none raised their arm.
"Okay, those prepared to keep their mouths shut?"
All hands shot up and Bradburn felt a huge sense of relief.
"I'll telegram Dayton later today. In the meantime we need to select a new foreman, who's it to be?"
For a moment the cowboys looked nonplussed, then someone shouted,
"How about Walt?"
There was a chorus  of shouts and Bradburn raised his arm for silence.
"Okay, let's vote on it. Whose in favour of Walt?"
Only three hands were not raised.
"Well, Walt it is," Bradburn said and there was a loud cheer.
He signalled for Jose to climb down and Walt came up to him, grinning from ear to ear.
"No hard feelings, eh Marshal?"
"No Walt, if you can lead men as well as you can fuck 'em, you should do well. See they keep their
word though, it will be real bad for any any them that don't."
"Don't worry Marshal, some of these men ain't very bright, but none of 'em is that dumb."

                                                          Chapter 19

Back at the Rugero ranch Bradburn peeled off his blood stained shirt and handed it to Sanchez.
"The welts are drying up Abe but you need to get them cleaned."
"There'll be plenty of time for that later," the Marshal replied as Sanchez handed him a fresh shirt.
Bradburn pinned on his badge then snapped,
"Where's Corky?"
"In the kitchen," Sanchez replied, "but go easy on  him Abe."
Bradburn looked at the bruised and cut face and, throwing his arms around Sanchez, pulled him into a rough embrace.
"Thanks for what you did out there Sanchez."
"That's what friends are for, Abe."

Corky was sitting at the kitchen table, his chest and back swathed in bandages and his right arm in a sling. As he raised his pale face, Bradburn saw the fear glittering on his eyes.
"I'm sorry Abe...I.."
"Shut up, you little bastard. You and I have nothing to say to each other. If you weren't injured, I'd beat you to pulp," Bradburn snarled, then noticed Jose's mother hovering anxiously.
"Thank you Senora, I'll take care of him now."
She bowed and quietly left the room.
"Where's your shirt" Bradburn snapped, and Corky nodded towards the chair at the other end of the table?
The blood had been rinsed out and it had been washed, ironed and neatly folded. Bradburn snatched it up, ripped off the Deputy badge and slung it around Corky's shoulders.
"Get up, we are leaving."
"Don't tempt me Mister, up and move."
Bradburn led Corky out of the ranch house and Jose fell into step beside him, as he led him to his horse. They heaved Corky into his saddle and the Rugero family came out onto the porch to silently
watch the three horsemen ride slowly away.

As they rode into Tyler the townsfolk stared but kept their distance. They hitched their horses outside the Jailhouse and, helping Corky down, led him inside.
"Jose get the bastard's things packed while I go see Virgil. The stage leaves in about an hour and I want him on it."
Bradburn knew that if he wanted anything broadcast around the town, just tell Makepeace. The little man listened intently to the Marshal's tale of pursuit and ambush and Bradburn had to admit to himself that it sounded very convincing.
"So Mr Drew wants to quit, you say?"
"Yeah, he plans to go back to the railroads, says the pays a damn sight better and its a whole lot safer."
"I'm sure it is. He's a fine young man and I'll be sorry to see him go."
Bradburn bit back an angry retort and marched out of the shop.

When they took Corky down to the stage, Bradburn's heart sank. Virgil had done his job well and a group of well-wishers had gathered to see Corky off. There was a lot of tears, handshakes and fuss, and Bradburn stood by, tense and tight-lipped. Corky was eventually ensconced in the stage and, as it pulled away, Bradburn gave a huge sigh of relief. Then seeing that the well-wishers were about to turn their attention to the Marshal, Jose grabbed his arm.
"Come on Abe, let's get out of here."

Jose locked the Jailhouse door as Bradburn went up the creaky stairs to his room. He had already tugged off his shirt and was sitting on the bed tugging off his boots when Jose joined him.
"Where do you keep the towels" he asked as he poured water into the washbasin.
"Under the stand there," Bradburn replied, peeling off his borrowed  levis and sinking back onto the bed with a sigh. Jose found a neatly folded pile of towels on a shelf beside a shallow enamel sterilising bowl, containing a scalpel and a couple of surgical needles. There was also two dark green cork-stoppered bottles.
"What's in the bottles, Abe?"
"Ah, that's my bullet wound kit. One's white spirit and the other iodine."
"Just when you need for those cuts Abe," Jose said.
He uncorked one, checked it was iodine, then said,
"Okay Abe, over on your belly."
Jose carefully washed away the dried blood and saw the big purple welts had began to sudside and the cuts were shallow, mostly just broken skin.
"Bad news is, this is going to sting like hell."
"What's the good news, if any?"
"You won't be left with any scars."
"Thank you Doctor Rugero. Ahhhhh."
After his first yelp, more from surprise than pain, Bradburn lay still and quiet.
"Okay, that's done, now over on your back."
"My God, Jose gasped, looking a Bradburn's groin. His lower belly and thighs were an angry dark red, his beuatiful cock, although tumsecent, was badly bruised and his huge balls almost purple. Also there were scores of tiny beads of blood made by the studs. As Jose swabbed away the blood, Bradburn hissed with pain.
"Sorry Abe, but you'll feel much better when I've finished."
"Thanks once again, Doctor Rugero," Bradburn said, managing a weak smile.

Finally Jose folded the towel and, putting it aside, leaned forward to suck the Marshal's delicious glans into his mouth.
"No," Bradburn said sharply. Jose pulled back as if he'd been slapped.
"What's wrong Abe, I just...?
"Sorry Jose, things have changed," Bradburn said, pulling himself up and swinging his legs to the floor. Jose's heart sank like a stone as the Marshal slumped forward and rested his wrists on his knees.
Bradburn saw the anguish on Jose's face and dropped his head as he whispered
"Ohlson fucked and beat me until ..I.."
"I can see that Abe but its over now. What's wrong?"
Bradburn's head dropped further forward and Jose saw that his neck was flushed red.
"He broke me like you would a young stallion. He....
There was a long pause and Jose waited, breathless.
"He mastered me."
"Okay Abe, you were helpless and he tortured you, that's over now,"
"It isn't Jose...." There was another even longer pause before Bradburn lifted his head and his dark eyes locked with Jose's.
"No, listen Jose, in the end I wanted him to."
The cropped head dropped forward again and Jose felt excitement begin to warm his belly.
"What are you saying Abe," Jose whispered?
Bradburn made no reply and, as the silence lengthened, Jose said, the excitement making his voice crack,
"You want me to......?"
Bradburn reached down and yanked the heavy studded belt out of Viking's levis.
"He used this on my balls. I want you to do the same and make as even better job of it. But they've
taken as much punishment as they can right now. Guess you'll have to settle for my ass."
As he took the belt, Jose's heart began to race and his body thrum with lust.
"You can use a towel to gag me and you'll find some rope in the closet."

Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Marshal Page 16

Page 16
"When this bastard comes to, he's gonna start hollering his head off. Any idea how we can gag him?"
"Sure, saw the Mexican hands do it once to a rustler they'd captured. They used his shirt. but I guess a piece of that sacking in the cart would do. See if you can find a round stone about two inches across." By the time Bradburn had found a suitable stone Jose had cut a piece of sacking about six inches wide and some two feet long. He spread it out on the sand, placed the stone about halfway  along the nearest edge and carefully rolled it up. Then he twisted one end until it resembled a rope and told Bradburn to hold it, whilst he did the same to the other end.
"Now Abe, get the bastard's mouth open quickly."

Viking's eyes were open but still blank and unfocussed. Bradbrun pinched his nose and he obligingly opened his mouth. Jose slipped in the stone and quickly tied the ends of the twisted sacking tightly together behind his head.
"He'll still make a fair bit of noise but he can't talk," Jose said with a laugh.
Reaching for a knife, Bradburn said, "Fine, now let's roll him over onto his belly so I can cut that damn plait off and the rest of his hair."
"Its quite a story."
As he worked, Bradburn told Jose what Viking had planned for him. Jose listened in silence but Viking made as much noise as his gag would allow.
"So you and I are going to hand him over to the Mexican slavers."
"Oh Boy, I like that Abe. Let's get moving. we don't want to miss them. By the way, are you planning on getting dressed."

They loaded Viking into the back of the cart and headed out over the desert to the meeting point, a huge pinnacle of red rock which a gloating Viking had described in detail. As they approached they saw that half a dozen men waited in the shade of a makeshift tent.
"Want me to do the talking Abe?"
"Sure, my Spanish isn't bad, as you know, but we don't want any misunderstandings."

"Greetings Senor, I hope we have not kept you waiting too long."
"Greetings Senor, about an hour but it is of no consequence," the leader replied. He wore a neatly trimmed moustache and his white teeth flashed as he smiled. Bradburn noticed that he tapped an ornate riding boot with a long horsewhip as he added,
"But let us see the merchandise."
Two of the slavers flung the sacking aside and hauled Viking, struggling and babbling, from the cart.
"Magnificent, my friends. He'll be very good for the job we have in mind. Almost too good," he added looking at Viking's huge cock. Suddenly Viking lunged forward at the leader, screaming through his gag and the two slavers hauled him back. The leader's horsewhip lashed Viking across
the face and as he flinched, cut him twice more, across the chest.
"Silence scum, on your knees." Viking stared uncomprehendingly.
"Down on your knees," the leader said again, this time pointing and Viking shook his head. The horsewhip flashed again, twice cutting into Viking's balls and he dropped to his knees.
"He was much spirit this one, but that is not good in a slave. Never fear, we shall break it." The teeth flashed again.
"Now there is only the little matter of your signature and your fee. I trust the agreed amount is satisfactory?" Having no idea what sum was involved, Jose nodded and took the piece of parchment from one of the helpers. He indicated that Bradburn should turn around and. resting the paper on his broad shoulder took the proffered pen. He signed, 'Virgil Makepeace,' and, as he handed back the document, saw that blood from the welts on Bradburn's  back had begun to soak through his shirt. They had to get out of here before it was noticed.
"Blood, keep your back to them Abe," he whispered in English. The leader handed Jose a heavy leather money bag and solemnly shook his hand. "Adios Senor."

They mounted the cart and as they moved away, Jose glanced over his shoulder. Viking, naked and bound, was still kneeling in the dust. A leather collar was being attached to his neck and the crude tent was being dismantled.
"Think they noticed the blood on my shirt" Bradburn asked?
"Not sure, but I guess its not important now. They got what they wanted."
When they got back on the trail through the hills they stopped and counted the Mexican coins. They weren't sure exactly but it looked like a small fortune. Taking the badge out of his pocket, Jose pinned it to Bradburn's shirt.
"What do we do now Abe?"
"First we go to Daytons and sort that out. Then we go to your ranch and collect Corky. After that its home."

                                                              Chapter 18

Daytons was eerily quite although the sun was well up.
"I guess that they had themselves some party last night and, as the boss is away, they are sleeping of their hangovers," Bradburn reasoned.
"What do you plan to do, Abe?"
Bradburn's eyes were drawn  to the water tower, which dominated the whole ranch.
"I want you to get up onto that platform, under the water tank with a shotgun. When you're in position I'll go into the bunkhouse and rouse those lazy bums. I'll line them up in the yard where you can cover them."
They dismounted and Bradburn tethered the horses while Jose sprinted across to the water tower.

Gun drawn, Bradburn steppeds very quietly through the bunkhouse door. The long room was a shambles, boots and clothing tossed anywhere and the men were sprawled naked on two rows of cots. He noticed that three of the beds were occupied by two men and one, judging by the tangle of naked limbs, held four. He smiled to himself, inhaling the heavy male smell appreciatively. Then he fired a shot into the ceiling and there was pandemonium. He fired again and in the sudden silence that he followed he yelled,
"Hands on your heads and go line up in the corral."
Still dazed and half-asleep, the naked men stumbled out into the bright sunshine and, seeing Jose had them covered with his shotgun, lined up meekly in the corral. Bradburn strutted around to face them.
"Okay, hands behind your backs and spread your legs wide," he shouted.
All the cowboys were sporting full morning erections and Bradburn's rock hard cock strained against his levis as he looked at the formidable weapons that had fucked him remorselessly during the night. The stubble-chinned Walt was probably the best endowed and as he caught Bradburn's eye he smirked.