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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Scout Page 11

Page 11
"Now I suggest that you go off and get to know each other really well. Your lives could one day depend on it. There are, I understand. several reputable taverns in the town. Are there any questions?"
"No sir," both men replied.
"Very well, that will be all."

Safely, well away from the De Wet headquarters, Reitz threw a beefy arm around Piet's bull neck and gave a loud guffaw. "My God, I thought we were really for it," Piet said, before he too roared with laughter. When their merriment subsided, both men were acutely aware that their faces were only inches apart and their hard muscular bodies tantalisingly close.  Piet whispered, I've been beaten, fucked and tortured in the last couple of days. It tought me a lot."
"Taught you what, for example?"
"That I enjoyed it all, especially getting fucked rough and hard." Reitz made no reply but his dark eyes glittered with excitement and Piet added,
"I've got plenty to show you."
"Come on then let's find that beer," Reitz said, his voice low and husky.
"No," Piet said, "Let's find a bed."

                                                                        The End

The Scout Page 10

Page 10
                                                                   Chapter 12

As he approached the Boer stronghold, Piet pieced together the story he would tell. The truth, but not the whole truth would be best, he thought as he strode towards the two husky young guards. One of them recognised him and a broad grin split his young bearded face as he shouted, "Van Rieneeck, where the fuck have you been.? The old man's been waiting for you. Go on through, Otto will take you to him."

He followed Otto, the clump of their boots sounding very loud on the bare wooden floorboards, and halted before the closed door. Otto rapped smartly and a moment later Piet heard the familiar voice shout, "Come." Otto threw open the door and said,
"Van Riebeeck has arrived sir."
"Has he indeed, show him in then Prinsloo." Otto stepped briskly aside and Piet saw De Wet sitting at a desk. Feat gripped him and his legs seemed to turn to water. "Don't stand there like an idiot, come here, you've a lot of explaining to do." Piet shuffled forward and stood before the desk. "You were expected two days ago, where the hell have you been.?"
"I...." Piet began and dried up. The old man's fits of temper were legendary and when crossed he was known to make liberal use of his sjambok. Indeed the heavy rhino whip lay there now, curled on the desk beside the general. Piet began again, haltingly, but gained confidence as he got into his stride. De Wet did not interrupt but sat calmly listening. When he had finished, there was a long silence and Piet began to sweat. De Wet suddenly snapped, "Why didn't the farmers kill you right away?" Piet's heart sank, this was the question he was dreading.
"They said that they were going to amuse themselves before they slit my throat."
"Why would two run-away farmers want to torture another Boer? You are not telling me the truth, are you, Van Riebeeck?"
"Yes sir, I mean, I don't know sir."
"They had no intention of tortuing you, did they, so what did they mean by 'amuse themselves' eh Man?" Unable to reply, Piet could only shake his head.
"They intended to commit an unnatural act with you, didn't they? Piet felt himself trembling and he could only shake his head again.
"Don't lie to me Van Riebeeck, they were going to abuse you, weren't they?  De Wet shouted.
Piet managed a nod and De Wet said, more calmly,
"Ah, so that was it, the filthy scum. And did they?" Piet was now visibly shaking and tears pricked his eyes as he stared at a point above De Wet's head.
"Answer me, Man, did they?" De Wet roared
"Y..Yes," Piet managed to whisper faintly. De Wet rose to his feet and yelled,
"What? Speak up, Did they? Piet took a steadying breath,
"Yes Sir" and lowered his head.
"Filthy abominations, you killed one and you say the leopard took the other?"
"Yes Sir." Not daring to look up, Piet heard the general give a deep sigh.
"Considering how unlucky, or shall we say careless, you'd been on this mission, that was a stroke of luck."
"Yes Sir."
"It was also fortunate, that you were able to free yourself afterwards. Though its not surprising really. Most farmers can't manage anything more advanced than a granny knot." Piet raised his head and the general said,
"This whole matter is most unsatisfactory and we'll deal with it later. Can you swear that you were not compromised by the Khakis?"
"Yes sir."
"Very well. Be so kind as to bring in my aide from the outer office." Piet opened the door and the young aide came bustling in, notebook and pencil in hand. He sat in the chair beside the desk and the general looked at Piet.
"Well have your report now, Mr Van Riebeeck."

De Wet listened intently and when Piet had finished, asked some very shrewd questions, which he answered, with growing confidence. But when the general finally sat back and stared balefully at him, he felt a stab of unease. "Thank you, that was excellent. Now we must deal with the matter of your capture and the consequences." Piet began to sweat again,when the general turned to his aide
"That will be all. See if you can find Reitz and have him come here immediately." The young man left and De Wet said,
"We will say no more about your treatment at the hands of the farmers but we cannot ignore the matter of your seizure and interrogation by the British. Piet was now really frightened. His eyes strayed to the sjambok and he guessed that Reitz must be some big thug who was going to string him up and flog him. De Wet reached into a drawer, drew out a document, and began to read, ignoring the big bearded man standing before him. The minutes ticked by inexoraby until at last there was a loud knock on the door. Piet started violently, then gaped in amazement as the door opened to reveal Reitz.

The big, broad-shouldered, bearded figure standing in the doorway, eyeing him warily, was the man he'd fucked back in the summer.
"Ah, come in Reitz and close the door," the general said. As the man complied and strode over to stand beside him, Piet ran his eyes over the muscular body, which he remembered so well. He was also pleased to see that, like himself, he wore no underdrawers. He got a fleeting glimpse of the clearly discernable half-hard cock in the tight trousers before he lifted his eyes to meet Reitz's gaze.
He opened his mouth  to speak but something in the man's dark blue eyes warned him to silence.

De Wet looked at the two husky men standing before him with their arms behind their backs and their legs apart. Both the same height, dark, bearded and virile, they could have been brothers, he thought as he addressed Reitz,
"Van Reibeeck here fell into the hands of the enemy on his last mission but luckily, for all concerned, he was able to escape before he was made to divulge any information." De Wet paused, and looked each man squarely in the eye, before continuing,
"Although the bravery and loyalty of both of you were never in doubt, your behaviour has, for some time, given me grave misgivings." The scouts exchanged nervous glances and the general went on,
"Your devil-may-care attitude and insistence on riding alone on missions will no longer be tolerated. Is that understood?" Both men nodded.
"In future you will ride together. With your combined skills, you should hopefully, be able to keep each other out of trouble. Piet felt an enormous surge of relief and turned to look at Reitz. His eyes regarded the general gravely but from the way they puckered at the corners, Piet guessed that the neatly trimmed beard hid a small smile.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Scout page 9

page 9

thrust heralded his climax and he held his cock fully buried in Gray's throat as he exploded. The soldier shoved up the convulsing thighs enough for the thick spunk to spew into his mouth, rather than down his throat and, although he swallowed fast, some of the viscous, salty fluid dribbled down his chin. Then Piet was pumping more slowly, discharging the last of his formidable pent-up load and groaning with pleasure.

When the eruption had finally ebbed away, Gray felt Piet's body go limp though it still quivered from the shock of his orgasm. He licked the last of the spunk from the softening cock and, as he swallowed it, Piet pushed away and said breathlessly, "Shit that we wonderful." Then looking at Gray's straining cock, he added, "But you look harder than ever. Do you want me to take care of it, er like that? I haven't done it since I was a youngster."
"No, I've something better in mind," Gray paused, then added, his bruised throat making his voice hoarse,  "Ever had it up that beautiful arse of yours Dutchman?" Piet sat up, his face flushed with excitement and looked at Gray's huge drooling cock. He licked his lips then said with a grin, "Last night and I think I'm about to again."
"My Christ, you bet you are. Over on your belly," Gray said, his voice suddenly sounding aggressive. Piet complied and felt his buttocks roughly pulled apart, and to his surprise, a moment later, Gray's tongue in his crack. This new sensation was exquisite and he was soon moaning, squirming and, spreading his thighs as his small puckerhole was sucked and probed by the soldier's tongue. Gray sat back and pushed a finger into the tight moist sphincter. Piet winced but Gray felt the muscle relaxing and slid in a second finger. He gently worked the hole open and suddenly Piet shouted, "Don't," and pulled away. "But if I don't open you up its going to hurt like hell."
"That's how I want it."
"Are you sure, Dutchman, I'm big, there's over ten inches there?"
"That's nothing special, I'm bigger than that. Let's get on with it, if you're man enough."
"Very well then, over on your back."
The aggressive tone was back in Gray's voice and as Piet rolled onto his back, he saw the anger in the soldier's eyes. As his ankles were grasped and lifted onto Gray's beefy shoulders, he hoped he'd riled the soldier enough to get what he wanted.

Piet felt the big glans pressing against him for a moment before Gray shoved forward hard. He gave a gasp of pain as his willing but very tight ring of muscle was forced open and the huge cock slid into him. Gray's was no idle boast and he groaned as the big thick shaft bored slowly, inch by inch up into his guts. As he looked up at the flushed face and luste glazed eyes, Gray bared his teeth and snarled, "That man enough for you Dutchman?"
Pete's rape had not prepared him for the tremendous excitement he felt at being impaled on the handsome virile man's huge ram and he was speechless.  But he managed a passable sneer, and Gray hissed,
"All right the, let's see how you like this,"
and withdrew almost to the tip of his glans. Then he slammed his cock back in up to the hilt savagely and Piet gave an explosive before saying gruffly,
"Not bad, I suppose, but can you fuck you khaki bastard, or are you just a bag of wind?"
Although he knew he was being goaded, Piet's words fanned Gray's anger and he began to fuck

Piet moaned and rolled his head from side to side, as the big cock was driven piston-like into him and he felt the soldier's balls slapping rhythmically against his arse. The exquisite sensation caused by the battering of his prostate, the sharp stabs of pain and the soldier's masculine brutality overwhelmed him. His eyes rolled back and he grunted like an animal as he was pounded nearly senseless. He had no idea how long he had been savagely fucked, before he felt his orgasm boiling up from his balls. He tried desperetely to hold back the explosion but Gray, sensing it, fucked even harder. This triggered Piet's searing gut-wrenching eruption. He fired as he had never fired before, great gobs splattering his chest and face. Piet tasted for the first time his own salty spunk and heard the soldier yell as he exploded into his guts. With a loud grunt, Gray, yanked his cock out and shoving Piet's ankles off his shoulders, continued to fire his spunk over his chest and face. Then as the spasms slowed and the flow ebbed, Gray lowered himself onto Piet's spunk-splashed body. The huge cock pressed against Piet's belly and he could feel it still throbbing as it pumped out the last of Gray's semen. He wrapped his muscular arms around Gray's body and they lay still, naked and plastered together with spunk, as their racing hearts and breathing steadied.

Piet dozed for a few minutes and was woken as he felt Gray begin to stir. He unlocked his arms and the soldier, lifting himself gently off him, began wiping away the drying spunk with a strip of his khaki shirt. Raising himself onto his elbows, Piet studied the muscular naked body and particularly the big turgid cock. Gray saw the direction of his gaze and said, with a grin, Stop ogling me like a dirty old man and clean yourself up, you've spunk all over you." Piet sat up and Gray tossed him the last remaining scrap of his spare shirt. Piet wiped the viscid stuff from his face and beginning to clean his body said, "What happens now Khaki, I suppose I'm your prisoner.?"
"No I don't think so. The corporal said to go after you, not to capture you."
"The corporal, I thought he was dead."
"No, he's got a nasty chest would, but I think he'll live."
"Good like the corporal," Piet stammered. Gray grinned and said, "Lusted after him, more likely."
 Then seeing the colour flare in Piet's face, he added, "Dont worry I have too."
"Do you think he would....?"
"Fuck another man?" Gray finished for him. "Yes I've heard rumours."
Piet remembered  the big cock tenting the khaki breeches and heard again the deep voice say,
"Another place and time, eh lad." Feeling himself hardening again, Piet said,
"You could perhaps let your feelings show a little."
"Easier said than done, Gray said as he hauled himself to his feet and picked up his shirt.

The men dressed in silence and Piet checked his horse and saddle-bags His papers, of course, were gone but his rifle and the rest of his gear were there. He turned as Gray said, "Well I'd better get after
the corporal and that little arselicker Fowler. The wound should be slowing them down and I should be able to catch up with them easily."
"I'd better bo on my way to Middleburg. Thanks for saving my life back there...and"
"And what?"
"Thanks for giving me the best fuck of my life." Gray chuckled and said,
"I don't think you've had enough fucks yet to judge. I'd guess that, with that beautiful arse yours , you'll  have plenty more just as memorable." Piet blushed  again and Gray said,
"Come here Dutchman." They hugged each other fiercely and Gray whispered,
"Here's something else to remember me by," and he clamped his over Piet's half open lips. Their tongues met and they kissed passionately, grinding their groins together. When they finally broke apart, both men were breathing heavily and sporting full erections. Resisting the desire to crush the
soldier in his arms again, Piet quickly mounted and watched Gray climb into his saddle. He smiled at Piet and without another word, pulled his horse around and kicked him into a brisk canter. Piet watched the broad-shouldered khaki figure until he was out of sight, then turned his own horse towards Middleburg.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Scout Page 8

page 8

his head about and yelled at the vulture which withdrew a short distance. It stood and stared at him with it's expressionless yellow eyes for a few moments before it came forwaerd again. This time it did not retreat when Piet yelled but merely halted in it's tracks. It had decided that Piet's feeble movements were in fact his death throes and that he posed no danger. But even so, the vulture's natural caution held it back until two more birds arrived Then spurred on by greed it hopped forward and jabbed at Piet's thigh. Other birds moved in  and Piet tried to scream but he was paralysed with terror.

                                                              Chapter 10

Gray went down on one knee and scanned the grass and broken rock carefully. This was the fifth time that he had dismounted and searched in vain for the trail. His fear for the bearded scout had driven him on long beyond the point when he should have admitted to himself that the trail had gone cold. Again there was nothing and he felt tears of despair prick his eyes as he now accepted that the trail was irretrievably lost. He rose to his feet and, as he wiped his eyes with the back of his hand, heard, very faintly, the whinny of horses. Turning his head, trying to locate the direction of the sound, he saw the circling birds. He scrambled back into the saddle and cantered across the veldt. As he drew nearer, he saw that they were vultures and fear began to squirm in his guts. He threaded his way as quickly as he could through the dense patches of thorny scrub, then rein-in and stared in horror.

There were three groups of feeding birds, Gray noted, as he reached for his rifle. Reisting the temptation to aim into the repulsive things, he fired and they rose clumsily into the air.The scout was spread out naked and Gray whispered, "Oh Please God no," as he saw that his thighs were splashed with blood. The smell of blood and gore was making his horse very nervous and glancing around, he saw that the other animals had been tethered some distance away in a clump of trees. He rode his horse over to join them and spent a moment calming the frightened beast, before tethering him. Then, as he hurried back towards the scout, he paused to look at the bloody remains of Sarel and was violently sick. Wiping his streaming eyes and the gore from his mouth and moustache he turned back to look at the scout and felt his spirits lift as he saw the big hairy balls hanging between the wide spread bloody thighs.

Piet lay very still, his eyes closed and Gray pressed his fingers to the side of his neck. The pulse was strong and steady and as he transferred his hand to gently lift Piet's head, the eyes opened and he muttered something in Afrikaans. "My God Dutchman, you gave me a fright, I thought I was too late," Gray said and the scout's dark eyes gazed up at him and a faint smile hovered under his moustache. Gray grinned back in an attempt to hide his growing excitement and busied himself untying Piet's arms. But when he knelt to free the scout's wide spread thighs, he could not resist staring at the man's beautiful, thick, cut cock laying across his hairy belly, with an expression reminiscent of a dog looking at a bone.

Sitting up with a groan, Piet massaged his sore wrists and Gray noticed that he was trembling violently. Realising that the scout was in a state of shock, Gray tried to put his lustful thoughts aside and said, "We've got to get out of this charnel-house. Can you stand?" Piet stretched his stiff limbs and, as he struggled to his feet, Gray bent forward with the intention of helping him but finished up clasping the naked trembling man tightly in his arms. As they clung to each other, Gray ran a hand down the scout's broad back, revelling in the feel of the hard muscles rippling under the smooth skin. Over Piet's shoulder he saw that the vultures were returning to their interrupted feast and said, his voice little more than a hoarse whisper, "We'll get you cleaned up and dressed later, can you make it to the horses?" Gray felt Piet nod against his shoulder and half-carried him towards the tethered animals. Piet was recovering fast and didn't need any assistance but he said nothing, enjoying the feel of the big soldier's hands on his naked body. He let Gray lift him effortlessly into the saddle and they rode slowly away from the blood and gore.

                                             Chapter 11

When they were well  out of sight of the circling vultures, Gray halted and gently helped Peit from his horse. He sat the scout down and rummaged in his saddle bags for iodine and his spare khaki shirt, which he tore into strips. Ordering Piet to lay back, he began cleaning the wounds on his thighs made by the vultures' filthy beaks. As he worked, Gray tried to keep his eyes averted from Piet's cock, which had, despite the stinging pain of his wonds, pounded to full erection. Gray bound the deeper cuts and then sat back on his haunches between Piet's thighs and gazed down at the man's awesome endowment. The balls hung big and heavy in their sac and the thick rigid cock jutted out at a slight angle from the hairy belly. Piet raised his head and looked up as the big soldier rose, stripped off his shirt and bent to tug off his riding boots. Gray peeled off his breeches, flung them aside and stood, legs wide apart and knuckles on hips, looking down at the scout. His thick uncut cock thrust out and the fully exposed glans, like a big pink plumb, gleamed with pre-cum. Piet sucked in air noisily between parted lips and felt lust twist like as knife in his guts. Seeing the scout's reaction, Gray grinned broadly and dropped again to his haunches between Piet's thighs.

Gray, leaned forward and licked Piet's balls, inhaling the pungent scent of sweat and maleness, then sucked them in and rolled them on his tongue. He let them drop, slippery with spit, from his mouth and licked his way up the thick veined shaft. He heard Piet whimper as he tongued around the flange of his glans, relishing the exquisite taste and the strong male odour. "Please khaki, for God's sake," Piet whispered and Gray smiled inwardly. He continued licking around the delicious glans until Piet began to squirm before he finally took the big helmet into his mouth. Piet locked his strong fingers behind Gray's head and jammed it down hard until he felt his cock meet the soldier's throat. He gave a snarl and roughly shoved the cropped head even further down, feeling the throat close around his glans and Gray's bushy moustache brush his balls. He felt Gray gagging but he held him down, relishing the moment, "Take it you fucking khaki scum," then began to pump furiously, until the soldier's big muscular arms wrapped around his thighs. He was rolled up until Gray was beneath him and he resumed his ruthless assault on the soldier's throat, now fucking harder and deeper. A mighty