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Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Carrot 01

Unable to draw for several more days, I'll carry on rerunning stories for the archives.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Bulcreemn2u update 5

Order Number 802B05
Jake Cavello    US Navy Seal

Our US agents lured this young Seal, on 2 weeks vacation, to a holiday cabin in the woods. Promise of
a bit of pussy alwayhs works ! Like all men  serving in special service units, Jake has been trained to handle capture and torture. He was a hard nut to crack but the electrodes on his over-sensitive tits
brought him to a high state of arousal and a light squeeze of his beautiful rigid cock started filling those
little gold-capped jars you guys like so much.

Jed 06

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Bulcreem2u Update 4

Order Number 802B04
Sgt. Craig Duffham
Royal Parachute Regiment

A sergeant in the famed Paras, this tough little man at 5.9 has a cock, big and thick enough, to hang
a fire bucket on. His huge balls were so full of spunk that, giving his stiff cock a couple of hard
slaps was enough to get him firing, and firing, and.. His spunk has a creamy texture and maybe a little
too salty for some.

Bulcreem2u update 3

You're spot on Centurion. Steve's update coming up shortly.
Order Number 802B03
Sgt. Dave Stark
Royal Marine Commando

Big arrogant commando, trained to take pain, and it was obvious he enjoyed it. One of the
few men we've used a bullwhip on. He said that if we sick perverts wanted his spunk, we'd
have to work for it. And we did with relish. After a hard work out he could deny us no longer
and produced prodigous wads, thick to the last drop. His very white spunk is some of the best we've tasted.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Bulcreem2u update 2

Order number 802B02
Adam Fulsome
Royal Mounted Police - Sergeant

Handsome, dark and intense, this young copper's resistance was brief. A little pressure to his tits and a dil produced the desired effect. Edging him was a delight and the rewards very impressive. His spunk
is delicious and best appreciated unadalterated.

Bulcreem2u update 1

Order Number 802B01
Dan Dickson  - Private
Royal Fusiliers

This little bruiser at 5.8 is all muscle, cock and attitude. It took the fist, boot and some heavy work with the tawse to show him who was in charge. After that he was firing on all cylinders and had to be repeatedly edged to slow him.His spunk is uniformly thick and creamy with an incredibly intense masculine aroma.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Bulcreem2u Advertisement

You will receive the updates later...hee..hee.


Bulcreem2u warning

I know that all of you will realise that the forthcoming advertising campaign by Bulcreem2u
is just a bit of fun.  But I make the warning nevertheless.


Monday, 17 August 2015

Stoke Epilogue 2

The haciena is attacked by a rival drug-baron and during the fighting and slaughter Stoke snatches
a handgun from a dead guard and flees into the jungle. He meets a local farmer who he forces at
gunpoint to give up his levis. He rapes the man, pumping into him all his pent-up lust and anger.
Stoke struggles through the virgin jungle and finally gets to a road  and treks to a small village where he is attacked and loses his gun. He treks on finally reaching the town, where he sells his body to raise the money to buy transport to the city and the consulate.

Stoke's erstwhile master, El Baron is gang-raped and crucified. The fate meted out to losers
in the savage drug wars.

Stoke Epilogue 1

Stoke in Slavery

For four years Stoke is a slave at the Hacieda of El Baron deep in the Bolvian jungle. Every day he toils in the heat in the quarries breaking stone or hauling ore in the mine. There are no women on the huge estate and the baron, his henchmen and the guards sate their lust on the slaves, Stoke, a muscular
handsome man in particular. His regular floggings draw a big audience of aroused guards who vie
with one another to see who can fuck his beautiful arse hardest and longest during the ensuing gang-rapes. Stoke is frequently tortured and beaten for the sadistic amusement of the baron and his
henchmen. At night he is passed around the guards dormitories for their gratification.

Stoke Submits 30

Stoke Submits 29

Stoke Submits 28